Beyond II

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Beyond II is an abstract style painting in neutral tones that generates a very decorative and harmonious atmosphere in any space. Belonging to the Beyond Collection, it is framed in angle molding (canvas effect) although it is a treated sheet on a wooden board. A perfect painting to place on any wall that needs a touch of inspiration.

Size: 60x60


Manufacturing details

What you should know 👇🏽

Each item is made to order once the purchase has been made. In this way, we do not maintain prefabricated stock and thus guarantee the best quality and condition of the materials.

📐 Details

Mounting: Canvas
Print: HP Artist Mate Canvas 312g
Molding: American box
Height: 4-5cm
Weight: 1-3 Kg

📦 Accessories included

All our articles always include the appropriate eyebolts and also instructions on where to insert them on the back of the frame. Ready to hang.

🌳 FSC® Certified

As part of our commitment, the entire frame manufacturing process meets environmental responsibility standards.