Bamboo Palm II

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Bamboo Palm II is a botanical style painting belonging to the Bamboo Palm collection with an exclusive assembly by La Casa de los Cuadros. Its assembly combines a drawer molding handcrafted in white with black veining, an exclusive molding from La Casa de los Cuadros that you will not find anywhere else. The print is suspended over a board covered with a pastel green fabric that acts as a background and gives prominence and color to the work. In short, a very decorative fresh painting that will bring light and elegance to any space where you decide to put it.

Size: 75x60

Manufacturing details

What you should know 👇🏽

Each item is made to order once the purchase has been made. In this way, we do not maintain prefabricated stock and thus guarantee the best quality and condition of the materials.

📐 Details

Mounting: Iroko (light green background)
Printing: HP Satin paper 260g
Treated sheet: Embossed varnish
Molding decorated with white chalk
High measurement: 4cm

📦 Accessories included

All our articles always include the appropriate eyebolts and also instructions on where to insert them on the back of the frame. Ready to hang.

🌳 FSC® Certified

As part of our commitment, the entire frame manufacturing process meets environmental responsibility standards.